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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I get asked to mix some very indie projects in 5.1 and somtimes I don’t really see why. If there is nothing but a single boom track and music there really isn’t that much to mix. Is it worth the time to convert those projects to 5.1? I would assume you would at least want some foley/sound fx to really make a difference. Or is it that important to have more music in the back of the theater than the front? Thanks, Louis
  2. Hello All, Question about 5.1 surround sound. I would like to know if I were to purchase a 5.1 system and only used a 3.1 system ( Left, Center, Right, Sub ) would the downmix sound bad? or would it work at all? and anything else I should know before attempting this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everybody, So the time has come to upgrade my studio (I have the Yamaha HS series monitors set up in a 5.1 config) and my budget is about 1k a speaker. I've been listening to the Dynaudio BM6 MK III's and they seem pretty solid. They appear to have a pretty flat frequency response. These, paired with the BM14S II 12"Subwoofer, I'm thinking this would be a pretty good mixing environment. While, others are mixing on Genelecs, and still others, I see, are using the Focal 6B series monitors, et all, the BM6 MK IIIs appear to be decent performers (I really can't afford the Dynaudio AIR series which have the sculptable EQ for each speaker which is pretty friggin' tantalizing). Are there other choices in this price range? At the end of the day, good flat, frequency response and translation to the screen is what I'm looking for. Thanks for your input! John
  4. Hello Everyone I am a Pro Tools user that mixes primarily TV spots and corporate videos. I have done 3 feature-length projects, and I am now looking to step my game up to the world of Pro Tools HD and learning to mix in 5.1. I will be using a new mac pro 6-core with PT HD Native (connected via Thunderbolt) along with the HD omni interface. I have a big question as to which speaker system I should select for monitoring my mixes. For stereo mixes, I have been using Yamaha HS-50m's, and they have been great for me. The EQ response is nice and flat, and my mixes always translate well. If I get a good mix on the yamaha's, the mix sounds appropriate from every playback system from consumer-based home theater setups to an iPhone. This is something that I do not want to lose. Does anyone have any suggestions for some quality studio monitors to do surround mixing with? Also, I'm wondering if I should take the outputs of the HD omni and go straight into the 5.1 monitors, or, should I run the outputs of the HD omni into a small analog mixer, and then output 6 discrete channels from the mixer into the speakers. I figure that helps with calibrating each speaker's output volume so that pink noise registers at 82 dB at the mix position, but I am not sure if this is the best way, or necessary. What do you guys think? Thank you.
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