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Found 2 results

  1. Got thinking about it be soundslikejustin's post: "A timecode slate, if required, is the property and responsibility of the sound dept, but is used by the camera dept. A traditional clap slate (at least on the jobs i work on) is solely the responsibility of the camera dept. " Why is this? I my mind, if there is a piece of equipment that is used constantly by the camera department, it should be the camera department's. I realize that sound is responsible for timecode, but does that mean we should have to bring the camera dept a slate to use and abuse? I worked on a Union show where A slate was a rental and B slate was the sound mixer's. The AC's would bring the slates to the mixer at the top of the day (leaving them their if he was currently busy), and then retrieve them once they were jammed. This would again happen at lunch. Later in the day we head a giant sound which was obviously a slate dropping. We look and see it's the B slate as the AC picks it up. The mixer knows what's up, but the AC has the nerve to go and ask me to bring the slate to the mixer (I'm the Sound Utility) because the slate is "acting funny", not even admitting they dropped it, let alone apologizing. I just think that for my kit and my money, for me to spend $1200 plus on something that the Camera department uses exclusively, doesn't really feel responsible for, and doesn't actually get me any more sound capabilities (Wireless, etc.) then I don't see the benifit. If production wants a TC slate, they should add it to the camera rental like they do if they wants a B or C slate when the mixer already has one. Thoughts/opinion?
  2. What kind of power strip (using the term loosely) are you using on your carts? I don't have a particularly special one. My setup is: wall or geni power -> power strip -> cart power distro box -> expensive gear I have my AA and 9volt battery chargers in the power strip as well. Should I have a specific power strip? By that, should I have one with a high protection threshold, or noise filtering abilities? I will probably be upgrading the cart power next year (probably something from Remote Audio or PSC). I never noticed any kind of line noise that was because of my AC power. Have I just been lucky? I know that no power strips are 100% effective, but should I be using something better than the fairly generic computer/electronic surge protector I have? Some of my friends that do sound reenforcement type setups can't say enough about the problems they solved by upgrading their power conditioning units. We're in a different situation, but I am not sure if it's luck that I have been ok so far. Offhand the only issues I ever encountered were a charger you could "hear" when it was cycling off an on. I also had an issue when I was trying to use a pure sine wave inverter, the first one I tried caused a terrible buzz that was only fixed by replacing the unit.
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