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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, This is a long shot, but here goes: I'm interested in doing an apprenticeship with one of the many professionals on here for a few days or so on set sound, specifically using wireless lavs and equipment and the workflow from recording through to turning over files to editorial. Ideally this would be on a real gig and hopefully this would work on nothing too high-strung. I have worked in a music studio / post production facility for my entire career now (11 years), and we're expanding with two large sound stages that I'm going to have to be knowledgable in the areas of using lavs and with set sound work flow, etc., and I'd like to learn from you! I'm no greenie, but definitely not seasoned on set. If you're willing to take me under your wing, I'll show up and assist you for the whole day or two, free of charge. I'm in the LA area. I'm not looking for credits or anything like that - just learning the ropes on how to do this gig in real life scenarios. I don't really like blabbing my credit list so I'll go over that once you've contacted me - but includes ADR Mixer for a few feature films, numerous albums and what not... If we work it out, I could possibly bring some mics I own to facilitate - such as a pair of 416s, almost every type of Schoeps, COS-11s, Countrymans, TRAMs, you name it I've probably got it. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to helping you out and learning in the process.
  2. There's a chance I might be moving to Vancouver, B.C. this year. I'm looking to get an apprenticeship in location audio. I've worked on a number of small indie shorts on this side of the pond where I was basically a one man sound department, so I'm quite the newbie. Any advice from folks working in the industry in Vancouver? I'd like to get some experience in a larger production to get an idea how everything works. Does the sound department take on people to help out during the shoot?
  3. Hello, I have posted a similar topic on this forum before but got no response. Hoping for a different result this time. I am a young broadcast mixer/a2 who is looking to learn the art of location mixing and recording. I have been getting a steady flow of reality and corporate gigs, but if I had the opportunity to do a job with more than a few lavs I would not be prepared. I am hoping to find an experienced mixer in the Bay Area to show me the ropes. I'd love to stop by a set and 2nd or 3rd for a day, but even an email dialogue with a successful local mixer would be awesome. Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Hey there, It's down-time at my usual workplace and I'd love to finally take the opportunity to get to work with some of you maestros. If I may, I'd like to contribute with two pair of extra hands in return for... just that: the experience. About. I get along with everyone, and find it almost impossible to dislike anyone. On top of that, I'm a strong believer in good work ethics, and I carry around a positive attitude towards the day, the night, the hours, the work, the set, and the crew. Experience. I've worked as the sole sound recorder on a few infomercials, as well as the odd low-budget independent short film here and there. However, I have looots to learn. I've never worked with experienced location sound recorders. During most of 2011-2012 (my first year out of Uni), I've been working as a backup Technician on different shows on CBC Radio (News, Current Affairs, and Arts and Entertainment). And my work weeks have varied from 7 days a week to 0 days a week. Website: http://www.nimashams.com Please don't hesitate to send me a note for more (résumé, references, etc.)...
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