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Found 1 result

  1. Hello All This primarily concerns UK based recordists (or others on channel 38, 606.5-613.500MHz) just had a fascinating chat with Kish Patel, MD of Audio Ltd, who's radio mics many (most?) of us use. He tells me that Audio Ltd found that the Sound Devices 788T emits RF, via input and output cables, which cause interference with (and decreased range to) our 2040 radio kit, and for that matter any other radio mics tuned to certain frequencies. The precise physics I'll leave to him to explain, but suffice it to say, they have produced the following list of frequencies which the SD788T emits in CH38/39/40. Simply put, our audio is at higher risk to 'hits' on channel 9 and increased (but lower) risk on channels 3 and 5 of our packs as they are too close to interference. Channels 14 and 26 are also affected, but these are in the CH39/40 range. Emissions from 788T in the CH38 region. L 611.0 H 614.4 L 608.3 L 604.5 H 602.1 H 617.4 H 626.7 (L = low level, H = High level) Not sure if everyone else was aware of this or whether or not it was already common knowledge - but it certainly is news to me and a few of my colleagues. It would appear there is now even less choice in already congested airwaves in UK. Anyone from Sound Devices care to comment? Hope all healthy and busy Stateside - good luck at the polls tomorrow (whichever camp you're in!) S
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