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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.pro-sound.com/lectrosonicslseriesreview.html Lectrosonics L Series Review The L series is a great addition to Lectrosonics robust Digital Hybrid Wireless family. The best feature is the fact that the L series covers 3 standard blocks or about 76 MHz, allowing greater flexibility while in the field and adaptability to the dynamic situations that arise in film making on location. I can see where Lectrosonics is going with this. This system is perfect for an ENG setup where you need the flexibility of 3 blocks. For example, say your shooting a reality show, where you only have one chance to capture the audio. No pressure right? You scout the location the day before, check the frequencies on your wireless sets, and everything looks good. Block 21 is clear as day and there are plenty of frequencies available. No planes, no refrigerators, no humming from lights on scene at the time. Batteries are all fully charged, lav mics checked and sound great, Lectrosonics flask filled and fully ready for the free lunch speech. You head home, get some rest, and wake up for the 6 am call time. This can play out in 2 scenarios: Scenario 1: Your on a wireless system locked in to block 21. You arrive on location and get ready to set up. Quick scan of block 21 and.... not good... The whole frequency scan bar is black... and all you have is block 21. You think there must be some error so you take out the batteries and put them back in, turn it back on, rescan.. and... all frequencies are completely saturated. Then talent arrives and sets up a refrigerator for their favorite beverage, lighting decides to switch to florescent lights at the last minute instead of natural light, and you learn that all air traffic has been re-directed to directly above your location. Scenario 2: Your equipped with the Lectrosonics L Series and have a full set of multiple LT and LR wireless systems on the B1 band, covering blocks 21, 22, AND 23. You arrive on scene and do a quick scan.... Block 21 is completely saturated! But, no need to worry, you switch to Block 22. Quick scan and... its got some peaks and valleys and doesn't look that great either... Switch to block 23... quick scan... clear as day! You quickly sync to block 23 with the IR scanning sync tool and are ready in no time. Talent arrives on time and decides to leave the refrigerator at home, lighting decides to stick with natural light, and air traffic hasn't been re-directed above you. You do 1 take and the producer loves it, decides to take everyone out for steak, and pays everyone on the spot. While the L series can't solve all your problems on set, the L series wideband tuning range of 3 frequency blocks allows you greater flexibility and adaptability while in the field. The IR sync also saves time, set the frequency on 1 unit and auto sync the 2nd one. 50% time saved right there. Range is comparable to most other Lectrosonics units, with the benefit of the entire unit being lighter. Overall, this is one of the best wireless systems I've seen in a long time. -Rich Topham
  2. Hi Guys! Is there any news about Lectrosonics making new receptors blocs for the Venue System in the same concept as the new L series systems? This would be great I believe! Thanks Tony Muricy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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