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Found 2 results

  1. As convolution reverbs become increasingly common and affordable, it seems this is where the future of post-sound mixing lies. With that in mind, should production sound mixers be integrating IR recording into their workflow? How many prod. sound mixers out there have already integrated impulse response recording into their workflow on-location, or have ever done it at all? How many post-prod. sound mixers out there wish there were more PSM's doing this? Do you use convolution reverb? Would you use it more if more recordings were provided? From what I've read around the web, it seems like convolution reverb is mostly just being used as a "fix" to match ADR with production dialogue, and not more generally as a standard mixing step (but maybe it's being used more than I realize?). In which case, if the PPSM's don't use it, no reason for the PSM's to bother. To me, it seems that the practice of recording the IR response of a space should be as standard and ubiquitous as recording room tone. Of course, post won't necessarily need to use it, but sometimes the same can be said for half the production dialogue anyway. Assuming you've got a workflow you're comfortable with, recording the IR should take about as long as recording room tone, so you're not taking up an exorbitant amount of time, <2.5 minutes for both IR and room tone (unless, of course, the AD/director/producer isn't even willing to allocate time for room tone, which is a sad reality of many productions). Sure, there are IR libraries, but I would compare a library IR to a library room tone loop: you can generally get away with it, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be much better with an authentic recording from the location. Should PSMs treat IR recording the same way they treat room tone? Maybe my logic is naïve, wrong, or extrapolating too far. Let me know what you think!
  2. Do you guys have any favorite Altiverb tweaks you do in the dialog mix? I've been working on this feature and use it quite a big to help get the dialog cuts to blend better as well as giving it a better, more cinematic feel within the room. But I always wonder if there's something I could be doing to help make it even better so I thought I'd ask people smarter than me! Thanks for any advice you can share! John
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