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Found 2 results

  1. I've done several searches but I've come up with very little information about the Audix 1280B with shotgun capsule. Does anyone have this mic? How does it compare to something like the Rode NTG3 or Sanken CS-3e? I did find a single reference from a Senator Mike who in 2012 stated: "I've used the Audix 1280 HC and 1280s and their micro-booms myself, and they are terrific"
  2. Hello, A few months ago I started a thread here asking for information about gear, mostly about a new hyper mic. I received many and v helpful answers and advice which, together with some research mainly here, greatly helped me in buying the equipment i needed, even though some of them weren't on my list in the beginning. The microphone i chose was the Audix SCX1-HC, on which i found few comments and no sound samples, but since i always appreciated the brand i went for it. I have to admit that i am very satisfied with it. After completing 3 projects (feature length doc and 2 corporate videos) i can safely say that, imho, the mic has a very natural sound, with good detail, low sibilance, suitable both for male and female voices (amazing on acoustic guitar recordings too ). I am planning to make some test samples, when time permits it and share it here, so you can have a 'taste'. After many comments i decided to blow away my budget and went for an SD302.. and what a great buy was that! Sound quality aside (surely not much to comment here) i am truly amazed on how thoughtfully this device has been designed, allowing a fluid workflow and accounting for everything one would need at work. The booming pole also proved to be a great purchase, talking about the Ambient QX580, a very lightweight carbon fibre pole (bought on a great deal) with a stellar locking system. So, reason for writing this is to thank everybody that participated in my thread and also all that comment on equipment and general queries here, your help to new professionals on the field and me in specific is greatly appreciated. All the best
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