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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone else found they need to crank the trim all the way up using a Boom Mic? I use a Sennheiser 416, Phantom Power is on. I just always seem to be cranking the trim all the way up. Is there a setting I'm missing, input limiters or something like that that I should check on? Thank you. -W
  2. Hi everyone I'm in the midst of some filming for a documentary project and I'm hoping for some recommendations regarding indoor run-and-gun recording. For my main shotgun microphone I'm using the RODE NTG-3, which is excellent for outdoor shooting or in rooms with minimal reflective/echo'y surfaces. The problem is I'm finding myself in environments where it sounds quite echo'y and/or shallow, where I need to follow the action of one or more people. I do have my main subject mic'ed up with a TRAM TR-50, but the main subject is at times not close enough to another subject to capture their dialogue at an appropriate level. It's a documentary so I don't expect the audio to be flawless, but it would be great to get a little more even recording between subjects than I'm achieving at the moment. I'm a one man band using a Canon C100, so introducing a sound mixer, etc. is out of the question. I've got two XLR inputs, so in addition to my TRAM, it would be great to find out if another shotgun mic will meet my indoor needs better than my NTG-3. Thanks guys! Sean
  3. Just curious, how many Mixers wish for their booms to go for the mouth and how many want to go for the chest? Let me know your thoughts!'
  4. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am preparing to mix a feature, and I have two mics which might be suitable for the boom. I have the classic Senn 416 and also an AKG 452eb. From what I've heard, the 416 isn't the best choice for interior work, but would an AKG 452/451 be at all suitable for the job? If not, what "super-cardioid" mic might you recommend for interior work? thx much Commpost
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