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Found 3 results

  1. My apologies to bug you about a wiring question, but I've looked online, on the Posthorn website, in my show room, and here on the forum: What do you think would be the most give-and-take wiring for buying a sonotrim mic, or a tram, or any lavalier for that matter? I do use my xlr connectors quite a bit, for interviews, but my current lavs are all over the place: a 4-pin for a sony ECM, and a microdot for a dpa, etc. As for wireless I'm mostly on the sidelines between lectrosonics or zaxcom, even if I rent them for many years to come. But that's just the thing: I don't understand from the zaxcom material whether the same 5-pin connection that I wired for a lectro lav would work straight into their transmitters. And on the flipside, if my budget is smaller or someone has acquired a sennheiser set-up, is the 5-pin still going to be the best starting point? Do you foresee this standard sticking around for awhile or are you thinking that you'll rewire your lavs differently any time soon? And as you can see, none of my current lavs are wired for any transmitters out of the box. Makes me wonder what foot I started off on! Cheers to you
  2. Short version (if you don't have time to read the whole thing): I've been looking at the threads on lavs, and one thing I don't see discussed is which lavs are well-suited to mount to talents as fast as possible, with as little consequence as possible? (eg. as little trial and error as possible before I can get rid of muffled audio, clothing rustle, etc.). I will need to look at the following: - Accessories that will work wonders with the mic in question (eg. COS-11 Vampire clip). - Flat vs. other versions? - Cable noise? My budget is unlimited (since the most expensive lavs I know aren't more than $600-700). Background info (If you have an extra minute): I'm still pretty inexperienced, and have only used the COS-11, Trams, and some larger Sony ones (all of which were mostly impossible when it came to clothing noise! The only place I could get them working is in the middle of women's chest, if they had larger chests.). I will always, always boom as well, but I rarely know what the interviewee will wear beforehand, and I rarely know their body type, whether they have body hair or not, etc. Usually, I find out the details on the spot 10-20 minutes before we have to shoot. I'm gonna try to wear the worse possible fabric I have and go try some lavs out at the store, and/or rent a couple. I'm thinking about trying the following: - Tram -- I've tried it, and I may have been lucky on that shoot, but it worked really well! -- Some pretty good advice were given on mounting the Tram in the book Location Audio Simplified - COS-11 -- I've already tried it, and it took me ages to get it right, and with some of the talents I was taking too long so I was asked to just boom (but I didn't have the VCLIP and didn't know about it either. - EMW - B6 - DPA 4060 and 4061 (if they have them in store) - Any other recommendations? Note: I know the question/scenario is stupid, and I know that if I was more experienced I may have been able to get any lav to work with anybody. But I'm not, so if you find this thread stupid, please ignore it (and let it die), if you choose to answer, I will appreciate it.
  3. Pro-Sound now carries Oscar SoundTech Lavalier Microphones. Check out the Oscar SoundTech full line on our website and also check out thier video.... http://www.pro-sound...gory_Code=Oscar Oscar Sound Tech OST801 Mic Test
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