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Found 2 results

  1. I told the first UPM that inquired within 48 hours of having wrapped a little movie that my kit had gone up 1/1 and that I needed $500/week kit for my team. Crickets. Told the next one a month later 1) I wasn't hungry and 2) about the 1/1 raise thinking she'd also disappear after flying it up the same flagpole. Crap. The answer was, "Yes." I was so surprised and paralyzed I couldn't get to the above contract or anything else after she told me what there wasn't for expendables. Lessons? Keep notes on the next deal you want near for emergency consultation; and It's OK and even a good strategy to buy time. I should have asked to call her back once it became clear that the conversation was going to go my way so I could get centered and collect my thoughts. A FB thread written by José Frias caused me to think seriously about what I should do to grow in 2018 so the numbers were fresh on my mind having also consulted with my regular team about what they thought they'd be happy with kit-wise. I was ready-ready for the first call and not in the right mood for the 2nd. Always be ready.
  2. In the last couple weeks there was a mixer thread somewhere Facebook wherein a work-for-us-free producer was trounced in the best tradition of web trouncing. Pitchforks were employed with impunity. Digital blood was shed. I was appalled and embarrassed for us. My sense is that--beyond the natural scrum-i-ness of the internetz--"professional" mixers who search for and find work on Mandy's and Craig's List dig their own professional graves and oil the no-budget machine they profess to abhor. Even so, this is exactly the right place for student mixers to get work. Once you find these places raise your blood pressure this means only one thing: it's time to take the next step up the ladder. Huzzah! Congratulations! There are always colleagues who need help staffing and they turn to me to staff sound. As a professional, it's my responsibility to keep the synergy flowing. This is a business of relationships and helping each other out. If I'm moved to respond to a low-budget stupid staffing post, I first plug into the above-mentioned synergy intention. Otherwise, I try to keep my mouth shut. Dealing with idiots well is a skill set I actively look for in my team, i.e. if a sound colleague can't deal with idiots gracefully in a field regularly scattered with idiots, I don't want 'em associated with me professionally. More later.
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