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Found 1 result

  1. So I have been following very closely the development of that miracle 'all together' metadata protocol from various companies, and after the release of the new products from Ambient, TimecodeBuddy and Denecke, i believe a discussion is in order, hopefully even with a bit of input from the manufacturers themselves. So firstly we have a the TimecodeBuddy system. Some of you already using it, and apparently quite robust (900mhz and 2.4g transmission). Now they partnered with MovieSlate and Denecke. I love the fact that you can send metadata to the slate and other MovieSlate apps, but I don't see any integration with any recorder yet. I have been playing with MovieSlate recently, and although more complete than the CL-wifi or WaveAgent in terms of sound report creation, it lacks control of the unit and/or inputing of metadata directly into the files. I don't know how important that is for you or editors, but i like the fact that when inputing metadata on any of the Sound Devices apps, it adds this metadata directly to the files, not just the sound report. It means that if the sound report disappears, you can still create it back from the files. Also, it means entering scene and take only on one unit (we know sometimes we barely even have time for that!) And then in Ambient. Obviously their lockit boxes have been around for a while and we can agree they do their job exceptionally well. And now they have integrated ACN into all of their products. Again this means sharing of metadata over wifi, from the app, to the slate and to the receivers. But (just on paper for now) they are talking about an app that can not only input metadata and notes into the network while creating a sound report, it will also be able to control the sound devices 788t and input metadata directly. Also they have teamed up with Arri and are claiming compatibility with other cameras too. I guess there is no real question here, more of a 'what do you think of each' 'which one would you go for'? It's a bit of a shame again we have a war of formats, rather than a collaboration to achieve integration, but then again it is an industry and not a charity. Any comments on the systems, corrections or speculations are welcome and so is any 'extra' info the manufacturers want to add to convince us Hope all of you have a big post-NAB hangover... as I couldn't get one Best Diego Sanchez
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