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Found 1 result

  1. piman

    Fuze Ti: Fuze Slate

    Hi everyone, The website is live! Check out more information and photos over at http://fuzeti.com/ The project is live at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/466895479/fuze-ti-steel-slate If you want more than 3 slates please send email sales@fuzeti.com:-) Less than one frame drift over 24 hour period. Current testing between four prototypes shows less than one frame over 48 hours, but I will feel more confident in that result once I have more units to test:-) To start things off... Features: - Timecode generator supports frame rates of - 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, and 30DF - Drift between devices is less than one frame (~35ms) every 24 hours - Sync from other timecode devices (Runs on internal clock after jamming) - Jam or run off of an external timecode generator - Easy to set start time and user data - Standard 5-pin Lemo timecode input/output - 1/4" TRS timecode input/output - Adjustable display brightness - Runs on 4 AA batteries or run indefinitely off of an external power source 5-16V. - Solid wood clapper sticks makes a clear and sharp snap. - Solid and sturdy construction. The front panel is made of steel and powder coated with white dry-erase marker surface. The back side is black injection molded ABS plastic and houses the electronics. - Dimensions - 7.4"W x 8.7"H x 1.6"D (Originally 8.7"W x 8.7"H x 1.7"D) Based on the feedback from various people testing the prototype, the overall height of the slate will be reduced by shortening the front panel and trimming down the clapper sticks. This is dependent on how much retooling will be required for this change to take effect. - 2.5lbs with 4 AA batteries Kickstarter price for one unit will be $550USD, if all goes well the campaign begins early February. Currently located in San Diego, CA, if anyone is interested in checking it out:-) Email info@fuzeti.com Check out the test video with Denecke slate and Ambient Lock-it box https://vimeo.com/81294521 Direct Sunlight! https://vimeo.com/86941625 Drop Test:-)