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Found 1 result

  1. I have made a (hopefully) useful list of different connections that popluar cameras have for jamming timecode and for scratch tracks etc.. For the Full List visit: http://wp.me/p2Vzd6-fk at www.soundrolling.com If you want the newest cameras including Amira and Sony F7 then get the offline PDF version that you can use offline : http://soundrolling.com/sound-products/camera-timecode-tutorials/ Arri Alexa (and all versions of it like Alexa XT.. isn't that nice of them!) see on http://wp.me/p2Vzd6-fk RED Scarlet / RED Epic / RED Epic Dragon see on http://wp.me/p2Vzd6-fk RED One Timecode - LEMO 5-pin Timecode In/out (TC) Audio IN - 4x 3-pin mini XLR connectors as a side note they mentioned these bits relating to audio which could be a job saver if not a life one: - You should always use a RED DIGITAL CINEMA XLR to mini-XLR adaptor cable, which provides a -4dB pad, to achieve an appropriate input signal level. - The 48 V Phantom Power source is automatically disabled on each power cycle - Low sensitivity phantom powered microphones may exhibit excessive noise, so consider an ex-ternal +48V phantom power source, or use a dynamic microphone. - Input Level range for Microphone Inputs is +36dB to +54dB. - Input Level for Line Level inputs may not be adjusted. BlackMagic Cameras Timecode - N/A Audio IN - 2 x 1/4” jacks for professional balanced analog audio, switchable between mic and line levels. SONY F65 Timecode - BNC Audio IN - N/A View the full list: http://wp.me/p2Vzd6-fk Thanks
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