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Johnny Cash - "A Day in the Grand Canyon"

Cory Kaseman

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So I've been listening to all my old Johnny Cash records over the past couple days, and came across this great track that I'd forgotten all about. I did a search here and it doesn't seem like anyone else has posted about it, so I thought I'd share.

Cash put out a record called The Lure of the Grand Canyon, which is pretty much "The Grand Canyon Suite" along with actual field recordings made, in about 1960, inside the Grand Canyon.

The final track, titled, "A Day in the Grand Canyon", features Cash narrating an audio documentary of the recording crew's trip in to the canyon, and a few of the challenges they faced (including needing to haul 250 pounds of recording equipment), along with many examples of what they recorded.

Here's a link to hear it, for those of you who haven't:


It's about 10 minutes long and well worth a listen.


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