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iPad as a video monitor

Michael Miramontes

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" I would not make anything more by renting them as people know how much they cost. "

our "usual suspects' "rental departments work very hard to make their good customers, us, competitive when they supplement our kits.

On small stuff, like a couple extra Comtek RX's, neither you nor them will make much $$, but you will serve your clients. Of course, you can suggest production rent the additional units as well, just as we usually do with walkiies...

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right. in the last particular case, they didn't request enough so I didn't have enough. When I was asked for additional comteks my mind went straight to "hey I wonder if they can just use the video feed" Which they could.... and they did...

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And here I'm only thinking about my playback rig (Mac laptop/mini) and adding a monitor. Working on broadening my horizons. I wish every show needed LOTS of playback so I could learn how to incorporate my studio chops into this faster moving environment.

For lack of a better analogy, it's like being live engineer. The difference to me is that as a live engineer, the rest of the crew that you're dealing with (bands) rarely even know how to do their own job, let alone give the sound crew a chance to help them.

I've learned so much from this one thread.

But when you go back to the hotel, to your Mac Mini that takes less space than your laptop, you can also use the iPad as the monitor.

I say that last bit in jest.


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