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788t won't shut down


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Hello ~

I am having getting the 788t to shut off. When I power down, it says "powering down" "closing media" and hangs forever and won't shut off. The only thing mounted on it is the internal harddrive and a CF flash card. All my data in the unit is backed up. Please recommend a fix.


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I've had this happen to me when the hard drives are getting close to full. I have an external HD hooked up in addition to the internal drive. Both drives have similar capacities and record the same media. So...I've had a similar issue, but I don't know if it's related to the internal drive or the external drive or both. I pull the battery and external power to shut it down. Haven't heard of any problems with the media (Internal, External or CF). When I clear up the hard drive space, I don't have the issue.

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