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I am looking for some Masters!! Can you help me?

daniele turi

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I am an Italian Boom Operator - Utilty Sound and , if it is not a problem, I would ask you some advices:
I would like to work abroad, just to do some difference experience and to improve my knowledge.
It will my dream to work abroad and to do this experience!!

I feel that if I won't do this experience I can't increase my knowledge!!
Do you have any advices to give me?
For me, 2 or 3 months of working experience will be enough.
Obviously if I should stay more than 2/3 mouths abroad for job, for me is not a problem.
I am ready to do cable man, boom operator in a set to learn how is this work abroad.
In attachment you will find my CV
If you listen that some Sound Mixer is looking for a cable man or a boom operator, I am ready to come and start to work.
I hope in a your answer.
Thank a lot


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...not only Hollywood!!

I know that to work in the states I have to be in the IATSE but I really want to do this experience and I hope to find a solution.
If attending a school or a master course on sound could be the solution

I could do it without any problems. What is, in yuor opinion the best
Could there be the possibilites for me to stay on set as trainee??
I am sorry if I am asking so many things . I would really like to such an experience.
Thanks you

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