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  1. sorry JWL this is a test.. Jeff it worked! ( sorry again JWL..!)
  2. I'm all analogue ( boom and TX and RX) is that bad?
  3. I switched from 744 to 664 to 688 and am really happy with my current setup (688/SL 6/3x SRb) for scripted drama.
  4. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/908055-REG/idx_cw_1_wireless_hdmi_transmitter.html + Blackbox video SDI to HDMI converter + Small HD HDMI monitor.Must say that powering the iDX is a bit of a pain :"However, both units are best off powered by optional battery adapters -- model #s A-CWJ-TX/A-CWJ-RX and A-CWS-TX/A-CWS-RX. These adapters accept JVC SSL-JVC50 and Sony L series batteries and connect to TX/RX via USB outputs". You will will need a step down converter to get the correct current.This setup workes(d) fine for me for the past 3 years.
  5. You cry all the way to the bank to get the digital tennisball!(or the digital avocado).Ok fair.Regards, David C
  6. Hey Ty, good review! You said they ( audio Ltd and Lectro) sounded 'equal'.Audio Ltd 1010 ( single receiver) $2849 USD, 1010 TX (single) $2000 :makes it total of $ 4849 for a 1 Tx/RX set .Lectro SRb/c (dual receiver) $2299,TX Lectro SSM (much smaller than 1010 TX) 2x $1410,--USD (total $5119,--). That makes a 270,-- price diff between a single and a dual set....How much is, and when will the dual receiver be available? I mean, who is going to buy this 'slot' receiver,ready for the SL-6,when it's just 1 channel?? I bought my first Audio Limited's (Tx Rx 2000's) in 1991 and they served me for many,many years,but in the dualslot market they are...not there!Kish,when can we expect duals?And if ,in the near future, are they going to be around $ 6000,-- ?If so....I really wonder who will buy them? Regards,David C
  7. After 15 years of trusted service my Ambient TC slate died after a shoot in the rain...I never got a new one.Dumb slates will do.( no complaints from post) And get Tentacle!
  8. Hey Mike glad it worked out well!!Good for you!David
  9. "The miniTX is a bit taller, but also flatter, than the SSM, and I think it's still one of the easiest to hide tx - at least out of our usual suspects. But it only does 30mW" Mini TX can be upgraded to 50mw.Mini TX has no display and can only change freq.through the dreaded ,non working infra red remote...hated that about the mini!Cannot see the freq it is on ,and changing freq is a pain in the ass! SSM is easy to hide and through the 'remote app' easy to make changes. Quote
  10. SSM is the best thing I ever bought wireless wise!Never have any issues with wardrobe,and actors love it.(they have them in their front pocket) BTW the SSM is smaller than a Zippo..
  11. Had an escrow issue a few years ago : a Nagra 6 was for sale on a UK site for a very tempting price...I contacted the seller by mail and phone,and he turned out to be in Bergamo Italy.I said it would be easy for me to flyover and pick it up,and pay cash.After a few days he contacted me and said it would be more convenient if the recorder was shipped through a shipper he knew,and that I had to pay him...Turned out that on the shippers hinkey website I could also see that the same recorder (non existing..) was also about to be sold and 'shipped' to a fellow soundman from the US..Escrow style! Strange thing in this case:why would anybody buy a Solice mini without any knowledge of what 'the thing in the box' can do,and call it a 16 ch Bose mixer??'Something rotten in the state of Denmark'.And as Dave Waelder already suggested: why not meet,and if it seems OK:Buy!
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