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Another new record (inadvertently)

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Without meaning to, I topped my Metacorder "time-in-record" record last night at an HBO multicam shoot (SF Opera House, "Youth Speaks Poetry Slam" finals).  16 tr 24/48: 2 hrs 40 min.  I didn't really want files that big but at the show start/roll-everything time there was still a line of people waiting to get in that ran all the way around the block, so people kept popping on stage and almost starting the show, riffing--you know the scene.  All went well except for a DJ who decided to bust his sound-check feed levels by about 30db when the show started--the PA guy and I scrambled for the first few minutes but things settled down after that.  The SF Opera House has a Schoeps KFM6 "Sphere" mic hung in the house just a little back from the pit that they let me tap into.  It captured beautiful full audience reaction audio w/ no annoying CU details--like listening to cuts from a really good SFX library--the house guys had found the perfect position for it.  (We had shotguns and cam-mics to get closer up audio too.) 

Philip Perkins


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