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  1. It was from a French company...I think if you try some searches into old posts here you will find it--this is where I got the info. I'm sorry I can't recall the name of the company.
  2. I lined my 744T bag with RF shield cloth years ago, doubled up on the surface facing the RX. It has helped, am still using it this way
  3. If the 3 input mixer the OP mentions is a 302 I have 2 thoughts. 1: whatever you do hang onto it, I've found that it is one of the handiest, most useful gadgets I own no matter what other gear is in play, 2: remember that a 302 is actually a 5 input mixer, if you configure it to use the 2 tape returns as inputs #4-5. I ran a rig set up this way, with an external return monitor box etc and 2 audio pots to control the levels coming from 2 RX hooked up to those inputs, and it worked really well for several years.
  4. Very interested in how this goes for you!
  5. I think hardwiring the output from your BDS is an interesting idea. It would save the space and potential failure point of the connector on the BDS end, you can custom make the cable to suit your exact rig, and if you do some strain relief on the BDS end it could be extremely reliable. I made several "pirate" BDS-like rigs over the years and used them very successfully in several bag rigs and carts, and found that I almost never "repatched" the BDS end of the DC lines. My later ones dispensed with connectors at that end, thus.
  6. I needed more pres for my current DC-music rig too, but found I liked the big-iron sound of an old 552 on direct outs better than other boxes-'o-pres I could afford and that were small enough and DC-powered for this purpose.... I know, 5, not 6 chans but I have other 1-chan pres I can use with this rig if that last input even needs to be other than line-level. I'll be very interested in your take on the Kortwich box, esp how it sounds vs your SD pres.
  7. I didn't get it, the use I had for that prospective 6 preamp portable rig (portable music recording) morphed into something different needing more tracks, so I passed on the Kortwich and went to a different recorder entirely. It still seems like a cool thing, but as ever I find that I either need just a few pres or more than 6 so I doubt I'll ever go that way.
  8. GREAT sounding show. It is a little shocking to me how quickly that method of recording dramatic dialog went out of fashion, in favor of the nominally expedient "wire 'em all and shoot the rehearsal" method in use now. I just got off a feature shot here in SF, and noticed that the grip dept only rarely did the complex sort of "fingers+dots+blades+nets+etc etc" kind of treatment to the lighting. The gaffer explained to me that they have to do it all with programmable wirelessly controllable LED etc instruments and a lightboard on the set--the speed the shows want them to work at now demand this. So, we in sound aren't the only dept to have lost a lot of the art and skill of our craft to a new paradigm that treats a movie production much more like a live stage show in how it deploys ( a lot more) technology, in the name of efficiency.
  9. My fellow oldsters here may agree with me that in the commercial world soundies are always kind of fighting a situation in which they are seen as an extra impediment to what's going on. I think some of this happens because so many commercials are shot MOS, so the crew +production gets out of the habit of considering sound (if they ever had that habit), and suddenly they are being slowed down by an "extra" department whose work they don't understand very well. (It is always shocking to me how little many very experienced crew folks actually know about how sound works in movies). The best among us have truly great diplomatic skills, can be firm without getting angry and generally have their shit so together that they only rarely get surprised. But...every dog has their day. I have found that if you have the visible support of the director and producer you can get almost anything done, and if you have hostility and incomprehension toward your work from those people you are in for a rough time: the rest of crew gauges how they will interact with you based on how they see those folks work or not work with you. I will say that an early good demonstration of really knowing the film, the script and the schedule in any interaction with the AD Dept buys you a lot of points, make them feel like you understand what they are trying to do and helps get them on your side a bit!
  10. Do you mean a "thumper" track played through a special low Hz speaker ? Short of giving some of the partiers earwigs and having the rest follow them this kind of thing often turns out to be the best solution. The speaker is just a garden variety PA subwoofer. https://www.trewaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/la_bgw_thumper_metronome.jpg
  11. With modern pro level cameras, good sync boxes and takes under 10 min or so we've quit genlocking. For longer, esp concert set type takes, or with projections etc....still like genlock.
  12. Yeah, re: mixer-recorder: read thru the manuals and see if the extras (esp routing) are something that you would use a lot, be worth the upgrade now. For wireless, there is nothing wrong with 411s, but later wireless have some handy features, esp re remote control of TX. Do you need that?
  13. My world as a re-recording mixer includes a lot of personal, journalistic sorts of content-docs, and those folks are forced by circumstance to work alone mostly, or without a separate sound person anyhow. If they have a 2nd person, they are probably on a 2nd camera, not on sound. So we get it. And as you say, the experienced one-man-banders all bemoan the quality of the sound they can get alone and the hassle of worrying and doing it. But that's just how things are in that world now.
  14. That is my experience pretty much too, unless the peeps are in a distant room that can't hear the set directly at all. But I still end up setting the whole the up anyhow just in case.
  15. Please report. I guess the Pfizer booster will only work for people who had the Pfizer vax, or can anyone vaxed somehow play?
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