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  1. Neutrino activity, cosmic waves. Or a long period off then a reboot.....
  2. They told me they were in the process of moving.....
  3. One more thought: experiment with the output level of the TC going to the cam?
  4. And synths would take the place of all instruments! I'm always amused with the glee with which apps or tools like this are announced: the techos saying: "you arrogant movie sound types are DONE! Ha!". OK, cool, fine. So you, operator of whatever new-super-hotshot-technology is being discussed will now also take on all responsibility for getting a workable soundtrack for a scene, where ever and however it is shot, under any conditions, in full viral safety , full annotated and made ready for the harassed and time-crunched posties, for weeks at a time...right? You thought that NR was the
  5. 1st thought: are you totally sure the camera is not set to an off-speed frame rate? 2nd thought: camera firmware issue (like reload it)? 3rd thought: camera and TC box power good (adequate)?
  6. In the car, a small one, all the time.
  7. No, Mr. Bond, I'll let you be the collector. These machines were /are basically just tools to me, something I sweated over and carried through all sorts of weathers and situations all over the world. I know them too well to be very romantic about them, and while I still appreciate Mr. Kudelski's genius and accomplishments I'm also very glad that the technology available to me as a location recordist has moved on quite a ways. As I said, I hope the Nagras I used to own are now held by people like yourself who appreciate them for what they are!
  8. I only wish, Mr. Bond! I miss all those machines. But the reality of being a working soundie back then was that Nagras were too valuable to turn into museum displays: the sale of each one financed the purchase of the next one! I still have the last in the dynasty (not on display...no room and wife not down), but all the others are out there serving or being admired somewhere, I hope!
  9. This approach works ok but is nonstandard enough that a chat with the editor before the job would be a good idea. Most if not all non-TC shoots done around here use audio (a ref track sent to the camera's audio track) as a sync reference and guide.
  10. Just a guess: "personal cameras". I have a shoot coming up with 2 diff models of RED, a BM 4k and a C100, all owned by their operators....
  11. The PSC stuff works fine if you are careful and plan things out. The audio is lo-fi at best: they were really designed for verbal communication only. That said I've made them work ok in quite a number of musical applications, partly by tailoring some "pre-processing" of the audio signal I send to them to their peculiar frequency response.
  12. Good question to ask! Generally if you are working to a contract (and not a verbal agreement) if something isn't in the contract as something they pay for then they don't pay for it!
  13. https://reverb.com/item/34994870-stellavox-sp8-stereo-record-unit-aps-9-complete-working-recording-set Slightly OT: a working Stellavox SP8 rig for sale on Reverb, for around $5400. Pretty thing....
  14. If you jam all the JBs together then you should be fine. What you are doing is more or less standard current practice, except that most of us don't bother with an ext TC generator for the audio recorder: the internal clocks of professional machines are just as stable as the JBs.
  15. It will probably work fine. Max out the output level of your G3 RXs, make sure your snake is in good shape and be careful of how you route it, like you would under any circumstances. Light ballasts, HVAC equipment etc stay away from. The biggest problem with the snake will probably be getting through doors (go through windows instead if you can), getting stepped on and having lighting equipment and the dolly dragged over it.
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