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  1. I've had an original MixPre, 302 (2), 744T (2), 702T, 552, 633 and 664 (2) since all of them were (respectively) first released. I've used them all heavily, often in rough run and gun situations, with headphones plugged directly in. NONE of the mini jacks have ever failed. So what is up with the current MP series?
  2. The Oktava can get the job done, but you need a really good shock mount and a boom op with gentle hands (vs a 416 etc).
  3. Yes, you can assign the X3/4 outs on the output routing page. What you can't do (and too bad sez me) is have playback through X3/4 on the 633.
  4. Just because the devices are displaying identical TC doesn't mean they are attaching that TC address to recordings at exactly the same moment in history. There may be some latency involved, as you discovered. I have not had this issue with a 633, so I wonder if there is some aspect of how the Atmos is laying the TC into its recordings at work here? What does Atmos say about this?
  5. For real wind you need to protect the whole mic and the connector of the mic cable, not just the capsule. That's why zeps are as big as they are.
  6. I agree--especially for those of us down the road a bit with large investments in gear already. I understand that folks who are doing a full "rehab' of their rigs (vs a small scale "remodel") might buy into the whole ecosystem, but that's not an economic possibility for many of us. There was a comment above about bad+slow service from SD, going back to the 744. I have to say that my experience has been the polar opposite: they have "talked me down" live over the phone when on the set, let me have loaners and turned machines around for me very fast when I needed help, even machines no longe
  7. I've had pretty much all the brand of pro lavs, and they all go bad one way or another after a period of time. Sweat, pulling, drops, water, dust, heat etc. A lav gets a lot of abuse that can happen out of your sight, intentional or not. I view them all as a form of expendable. I like the B3s, have had good luck with B6s but they are more fragile, I had great luck with Somotrims forever, and bad luck with COS11. But that's just my story, lots of mixers I know have very different histories with lavs. The main thing is to check them often and expect to replace them often too. And have bac
  8. Pretty much no condensor mics can be used outdoors without a full zep, in my experience. As you heard, slight wind puffs that seem inconsequential to people can really push a mic diaphragm around, and the effect is audible even with a steep high pass filter in. Those mics need a decent sized zepplin plus "wind rat" covers to get much of anything clean recorded.
  9. And I'm not one of them anymore! Much better alternatives, at least for what I do, with less invasive tech.
  10. Copy that. Dropbox has been fired around here, so no fly if that's the only upload service available.
  11. +1 on some test drives. I still use 7xx and 6xx machines all the time. 6xx ergonomics are very similar to 8xx and Scorpio, but all those later machines operate pretty differently than 7xx, especially in how you "run the menus", routing etc.. So it really is important to see which system works with your brain. I myself would not really consider either of these great machines for serious over the shoulder verite work that includes booming--too large and heavy. The SD form factor works better in a "rack" sort of cart setup (controls all on the front, none on the top) if that is how your car
  12. You have probably seen my fave soundie shirt, that was sold by the now-deceased Mercenary Audio shop in Boston? It said "We're not happy 'til you're not happy.".
  13. Rental not possible? LA/NY etc rental houses often do 3 day weeks...? Get the right tool for the job. I don't think the right tool is a 2.4 GHz wireless.
  14. Way cool, and I like your "rear view mirror" on the clipboard--another great idea!
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