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Time Code basic question: C300 with 702T


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I do nature sound recording as hobby and have done projects where the dialogues I recorded were synced using plural eyes. The only time code I knew was punching in and out in my day job. :) Now I have access to a SD 702T and am wondering how do I use time code with a C300 camera. We will have a manual slate for the takes in the project. Though I have read the C300 manual about timecode, I have no idea how to go about it, as I have never done it. Can someone please be kind enough to answer this basic question. 


I don't have access to any other hardware like timecode buddy etc (never touched it, just read in this forum). How do I learn? I hope the experts here can atleast point me towards some resource so that I can learn. 

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Hello, and welcome mgod: " just read in this forum). How do I learn? "

How do (you) learn: just read this forum...

well, you might do some Google searching.

(clue: check threads with posts from Courtney Goodin and Marc Weilage; there are also a few threads discussing C300 cameras & TC )

yep, " to answer this basic question. " can get complex very quickly; SMPTE/EBU time code is not nearly "plug'n play" easy. at the most basic: you need to set the sound recorder, and image recorder for matching, accurate TC's, and then lock (jam) them together; thus every bit of sound has a precise TC corresponding to the matching image (frame) TC. 


production sound (dialog) recording is much different than nature sound recording...

and there are plenty more questions...

what specifically are you going to be doing??

will the workflow support TC ?

the list goes on, and each answer brings up more questions...

If you have a workflow that requires TC, then you ought to be discussing it with the folks designing that workflow, and those that have some experience will be your guides in getting you acquainted with using TC as applicable to your specific situations

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