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good sound recordings ( near audiophile)


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yes there is a whole movement amoungs audiophiles/streophiles to higher sample rates and custom electronics and files to get to a higher qua;ity than dvd. IT'S ALL very EXPENSIVE.

I just "heard" the Blueray version of "birdman" and was surprised by extreme quality of recording and reproduction and editng and stereo (5.1) placemeent played here at home from a Sony DVD player with newest software on my decent (but not outrageous) analog home system. ( Sony receiver amps ( mediocre at best) and Vandersteens)



Cirque de Soleil KA a the MGM Grand (Vegas).  Speaking of sound systems- holy shit!

Sound and video

The  theater, which has a capacity of 1950 people, is equipped with a total of 4774 loudspeaker drivers in 2139 cabinets: a pair of speakers at ear level in every seat and hundreds more strategically placed around the auditorium.[12] The digitally mixed audio system routes an intricate mix of sound effects and music to these speakers to create a very dynamic surround-sound audio experience.[13] Sound effects can be targeted, manipulated and customized to any of 16 seating zones.[12]

The multimedia projection in the show utilizes both infrared video motion detecting as well as a system of touch-sensitive panels beneath the surface of the main 'Sand Cliff' deck. This allows the system to track the location of individual performers and change the video content accordingly. A similar example of the infrared portion of this technology can be seen in some movie theater lobbies where people can step on and burst video projected bubbles.[11][14]



folks with good ears that i respect have told me that it took their breath away.


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