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LectroRM Frequency Entry

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I have made a change to LectroRM on Android that I believe is better in the long run, but I also think it will weird people out, so I haven't implemented it on iPhone yet.

Instead of pull down menus and having to scroll through the options, I've replaced them with a single text field that will gradually filter out the options as you type. Usually just typing the hex code is enough to bring the options count below scrolling through the dropdown menus, especially if 25khz steps is disabled in the settings.


The idea occurred to me when I was working between both wideband and narrowband devices, which made the switching a bit cumbersome and I found myself wishing I could just type in the channel I wanted. Also, I've been considering doing something similar with FreqFinder's channel selection as well.


It's a bit of an experiment, but I'd like to hear how you guys feel about it after a little use.


Thank you,


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