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  1. I think it helps to think about intermod like we do audio overload/clipping. When your audio signal is too hot, it sounds weird. The distorted sound is the extra frequency content that is generated. Intermod products are extra frequencies generated by overload. The overload occurs in any active circuitry: transmitters, receivers, active antennas, etc. A transmitter's circuitry can be overloaded by another nearby transmitter, and those transmitters can then transmit the intermod generated by that overload. Things that help intermod are the same things that help audio overload: less powerf
  2. I've decided to make two of my apps: Open Callsheet and Timecard Buddy completely free to use until December. Both of them are meant to cut down on paper use, so maybe they'll play a small part in keeping people safe. opencallsheet.com timecardbuddy.com Video demonstrations: OpenCS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3NosM6ZO3I TCBuddy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxkxMsfPSAU (My apologies for excluding those outside of the US. These apps are designed specifically for film production members in the US and Canada)
  3. This is why we beta test. Yes, I can change that.
  4. I have figured out a way to fit Audio and Frequency in the Apple Watch screen. Take a look at the beta: https://testflight.apple.com/join/d9aopgN6
  5. I will pick your brains about some possible ways forward regarding the audio level. Apple Watch is limited in a lot of ways, but I do have some ideas. For now, I need to see what the interest is; how it's used; whether or not it really works as is. I don't even have an Apple Watch yet (Series 3 was on sale though on Amazon though, so I ordered one). "Audio level 90% of the time" is a perfectly valid thing to say. I hadn't invested the time or money into the idea before for a reason. Nevertheless, I was persuaded some people would find this useful. It is completely independent from the main
  6. Here's a rhetorical question for you: does your response reflect who you are? For everyone's information, I was asked to make this version, with or without audio level. I asked him what benefit he saw in it. He gave me a good reason. That's all I'm going to say. I'm not here to sell. I'm here to get real feedback so that the product works for the people who find it beneficial.
  7. I have an Apple Watch version of LectroRM coming. It'll do the LectroRM functions except Audio Level and Frequency for UI reasons. I don't use iPhone and only just ordered an Apple Watch. Here is a link to the beta: https://testflight.apple.com/join/d9aopgN6 Let me know if anything weird happens
  8. Timecard Buddy and Open Callsheet are dependent on the conventions used in the US. Timecard Buddy provides templates of the paper timecards we use in the US. I can support those because I am familiar with the accounting practices here. And when it comes to people's paychecks, I have to be very sure I can support the accounting practices of my app. Open Callsheet is in beta, so starting small is a natural part of that. But the app also uses AI to detect information from the callsheets emailed to us. The AI has to be trained on sample callsheets in order to work. I only have access to US c
  9. Users can now import pdfs. Signing in with Google or Microsoft is no longer required
  10. Open Callsheet Beta on Android now does text selection that will also link to Maps, Phone, and Email https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newendian.android.opencallsheet
  11. Update: Microsoft email support has been added (Outlook, Hotmail, etc) It seems people are suspicious that something so simple could be useful, so let me start again. I have gotten a lot of suggestions to make a "Callsheet App". It's a reasonable inquiry: the digital age, the digital callsheet. The problem with most callsheet app concepts is that it requires both the AD and the crew members to use the app in tandem. If the app doesn't do something the AD needs, then all support is lost. So this concept turns that around: don't depend on cooperation from the AD. Take all the varied forms
  12. So this app will do what you've done for yourself: keep your callsheet within a single button press, except without having to import it each day. The plan is to do tie-ins (maps, phone numbers), but no markings.
  13. It's about speed. One button access instead of searching through your email every time you need to look something up.
  14. Not at the moment, but possibly in the future Technically it is worse than a PDF reader because you can't select text, and that is something I plan to remedy. Still my hope is that there's a lot of utility there already.
  15. That is correct Olle. Though if you don't have a callsheet for the day, it should say "No Callsheet Found". I'll check on that. If for some reason you do have a callsheet but it wasn't detected, you can look at a list of pdf attachments with the lower left button. I should change the ads moment to only run when a pdf is about to be displayed (once per day is the plan, with a paid no-ads option) I have opened it up to Canada All important feedback
  16. Hi everybody, I'm working on a callsheet app with a very different premise: just display the callsheet on your screen. I need testers but for the moment there are specific requirements: - You're on Android - You use Gmail or Microsoft (outlook, hotmail, etc) to receive your callsheets - You're comfortable letting an app search your email for today's callsheet (no data is ever transferred off the device) If you're interested, you can check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newendian.android.opencallsheet Best, James
  17. http://www.icrobotics.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Turning_the_Raspberry_Pi_Into_an_FM_Transmitter
  18. Oh, I'm sorry. I should have mentioned. As the focus of Timecard Buddy is that it includes images of timecards from the major payroll companies, only the US timecards are currently offered and I have limited the availability to US and Canada (for now).
  19. There is now the ability to support in-app purchase promo codes on Android, but licensing has always caused a lot of problems for me so I don't want to risk changing the licensing code to support them and screwing up something else
  20. Just remember to repost the list with the codes removed and count updated
  21. 50 Promo codes for Timecard Buddy (App Store -> Featured Page -> Redeem) Just repost the list having removed the codes used and update the count. Cheers, James timecardbuddy.com Available (50): 63P7KMNKMJ6F X6HANYAYNR6L J94XKPWF43YL 3K9RHYTJKPA6 67WLF733K6AX RFFMMNPHPHRF 33P7XEHNJFJK KYFJEKJJAF76 TWXKKJ3JTHFR 9MME9F3P6THH TW364LHRMETX LMKAA7MNFEFK M4MTF4FW6WH3 4XWK3JJEAYTE MXPAE3PM7XY6 449M9WFWR6FK 3PWAN9W493LT HKTMXEXXXTX3 4N4M6EF9KAEJ TRJYLK97ETJT W6XR749WT4RR M9T3L4MMLRJ6 JKRYRH97NT9Y EPN74LPETJY4 9NXF39AEWAHT
  22. Certainly nVidia's advanced use of GAN (among other techniques) is bleeding edge. The basic concept has been around for a lot longer though. I'm just surprised it isn't a featured strategy. Particularly when they mention LSTM, which is odd because the periodic nature of audio makes short term memory important but long term memory less so (a simple RNN technique seems more à propos). It makes me wonder if they have a philosophical aversion to explicitly generative techniques. But I'm sure they have their reasons, which is naturally why I feel particularly inquisitive about the article. I do
  23. Neural Networks are truly incredible. For as long as training can take, the hive-mind nature of software eclipses what any individual human being can learn in his lifetime. And on top of that, computers can train each other, like two individuals playing game after game of chess with the only objective of beating the other player. I'm actually rather surprised Audionamix and iZotope didn't talk about Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). Advanced neural networks usually employ many different techniques chained together to find the optimal outcome. LSTM is an important component in
  24. Hey y'all. I need some help with a pet project I've been writing for a little over a year. It is not audio related, but I do need a relatively small (relative to the mass scale that I'd like to get to) number of proof of concept testers to get a feel for how the system plays out. Think of it as a "No Drama" social network. It lives as an extension in your browser (Chrome only, for now) and gives you a Like/Dislike button and a Comment field for any webpage. You also get to see other "friend" users comments for that webpage and you can Like/Dislike those as well. That's all you have to wo
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