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I'm Dennis Jensen. jensenlocationsound.com

I am a professional Location Sound Mixer in San Francisco with over fifteen years of experience in all aspects of location sound from commercials to features and documentaries.

Some of my clients include:

60 minutes, Nova, Frontline, BBC, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Red Bull, HGTV, NBA, NFL, ESPN, etc.

My equipment is of the highest quality and reliability, with Sound Devices mixers and Lectrosonics wireless systems, I have everything needed to make your production go smoothly, including:

Lectrosonics 411 and SRC receivers

SMWB and SMQV transmitters

Wireless Camera hops

DPA, Sanken and Countryman "Lavs"

Schoeps and Sennheiser Boom mics

Super lightweight time code devices

Smart Slate and Comteks


I am happy to be a member of JWSoundgroup



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