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    Active in Nashville music recording scene since 1998. Started picking up sound for picture work in 2008. While a majority of my work is still in music, an increasing percentage is shifting to location recording and post for promotional videos, commercials, and low budget features.
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  1. Thanks for the info guys. José, when your ERXs are in a normal operating distance, do you have any glitches at all, or is audio completely clear? We tested several different scenarios at Trew: my ERXs and their 235, their ERXs and my 235, their Nomad and all the ERXs. There was always an occasional glitch no matter the scenario. The only thing we didn't try was an IFB 100/200. After the test, I was thinking that maybe that's just the way these things work, but I couldn't imagine that no one else would be complaining if that were the case. In Zaxcom's defense, after seeing the video, Howy did say that some sort of glitch was likely to be heard in a pure tone since the system is constantly resycing, and that it would try to resync between words in dialogue. Does this seem consistent with your experience? Jimmy
  2. I've observed this forum for years and used it as a resource to guide me through gear, technique, business practices, etc. Since this is my first post, I just wanted to say that I am humbled and grateful to everyone for sharing your knowledge. The discussions, arguments, and even outright verbal fist fights have been valuable to guiding me to the answers to my questions. I've scoured the forum, but haven't found anything for a particular problem I've been having. I bought 2 ERX2tcd units a few months ago (receiving ifb signal from a qrx235) and immediately noticed a frequent glitching sound in the audio. Sent the all of the units back to Zaxcom (including the 235) to get checked out, but when I got them back, there didn't seem to be any improvement. So… I took everything over to Trew in Nashville, where I purchased them, and we set up a few test scenarios mixing my units, one of their nomads as transmitter and a couple of their ERX's. Every test had the glitches. I had a conversation with Howie, and he explained how the system worked and why I might be hearing what I was hearing. He also offered to take another look at the system. However, before I take him up on the offer, I just want to make sure my expectations are reasonable compared to what other users are experiencing. To the ERX users out there, Is your audio clean? Do you have any glitches, if so, how frequent? The linked video illustrates what I'm hearing... https://jimmyjernigan.com/zax/ERXGlitch.m4v
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