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  1. Hello - I have a CL9 and the issue that I'm having - simply put - is that the mic is not loud enough for my boom op. My set up is that I have a 788 with a DHCT into outputs 1 and 2. I have increased the volume/gain on the outputs, on the 788 and on the DHCT but even still it's incredibly quiet. Is there any way to upgrade the internal slate mic on the CL9?
  2. Record to two Mix-pre 10’s at the same time for additional redundancy Trying to research option on how to do this. Is anyone out there doing it? Any advice would be much appreciated. After reading the manual I don’t see anything specifically about this.
  3. I am running into a frustrating issue with my new set up and I haven’t been able to find out Much about it on line because the DCHT is so new. I know I’m doing something wrong and hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. I am trying to route just the boom to my boom op and the mix to my director - both of whom are monitoring through M2R’s. I am using a 788t with a CL-9. The DCHT is plugged into outputs 1 and 2. Right now I am trying to route all this through the 788 routing menu. Originally I routed all the inputs to the right channel and the boom to the left channel. Then on the M2R of the boom op I used the balance menu to balance to the Left side only. On the M2R of the boom op in the mix menu I set the mono left + right so the boom op hears just the left channel in both headphones. But when I change the mix on the cl-9 it’s still registering in the boom ops ears. Even though the routing on the 788 only routes to boom to the left channel. I’m sure I’m doing something simple and wrong. Any ideas of what it could be?
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