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  1. Thanks Johnny I have been looking at the 617 as an alternative if I choose to return the Orca Bag. Definitely food for thought.
  2. Many thanks for the reply Mike. I agree that it's a quality bag. Incredibly sturdy. But that card door access is a pain. I'm wondering if you've had any experience with the Portabrace ao-4wt/664h.
  3. Hi folks In need of some assistance. Recently purchased a 664 with an Orca OR-32 bag. For the life of me I can't figure out how it fits into this bag. I've tried all sorts of configurations til my fingers were literally bleeding. That velcro is a harsh mistress. If it sits level with the bag like the image below, I can't get access to my SD card from the side because of the frame. But if it sits at the bottom of the bag, it makes it rather difficult to access the trims and HPFs. Also, does anyone use the lifts. If so, how do you get them into place. All the velcro makes it really difficult to move the bag parts around. Calling any Orca OR-32 664 users out there. I could really use your experience and valuable knowledge. Many thanks Alan
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