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    I was educated as a photojournalist and have had the opportunity to work in a variety of still and video environments, including documentaries, commercial and corporate work, weddings (of course), environmental portraiture and more. I'm proud of the work i've done with my talented friends at www.cypresscollective.com and am now taking steps to get more work as a freelancer. Looking forward to getting my audio sea legs, one step at a time.
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  1. Thanks for the clear recommendation, John. Eric, i've private-messaged you regarding the adapter.
  2. Yes @dominiquegreffard when i first saw the MCABRLTA5MUWP i thought it was exactly what i was looking for, until i realized it was a 2.5 mm input, not a 3.5 mm! I wasn't sure why that would be the case until @axel clarified... Makes perfect sense. So @Eric Toline, your adapters are kind of like a TA5F version of Ambient's AK-TA3F-3.5EW? Would you be willing to sell to me? Where do i mail the check?
  3. I'm picking up my first COS-11D and i'm grateful for the input i've already received in this thread regarding TA5F to XLR solutions. I work with a couple different crews who use Sennheiser G2/G3 wireless systems. I'd like my TA5F-wired lav(s) to be compatible with these systems since i'm commonly using them. Would anyone recommend the professional's version (not found on Ebay, not 25 dollars) of this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/171376718565? All my Googling has turned up very little. Thanks in advance.
  4. Much appreciated @Soundequip and @John Blankenship. And your notes of caution are duly noted! After more time spent Googling for adapters than i care to admit (without success) and after reaching out to Sanken directly (and getting a really unimpressive sales reply), it seemed this board was the next place to turn. I've already benefited from the store of experience you mentioned (but will beware of the fruitcakes). :-) Thanks again, i'm much obliged.
  5. Thanks @Derek H for the valuable feedback and the link. Looking forward to giving it a careful read. Thanks also @Jack Norflus. Seems like the Ambient Eumel is sounding like the best option, unless others make a compelling case for an alternative adapter.
  6. Wow i'm really impressed with (and grateful for!) the responsiveness of so many on this board! Glad i signed on... So i'm trying to get the options in order. There's... Ambient EMP (“The Eumel”) http://ambient.de/en/product_custom_cat/eumel-en/ PSC Universal Lavalier Power Supply http://professionalsound.com/specs/univ_lav_ps_barrels.html Oscar Sound Tech (OST) Power Supply-XLR http://www.oscarsoundtech.com/services.html Are these the three crowd-pleasers? Any other options that others would recommend? Seems like the most votes so far have been for the Ambient Eumel. Last of all, i'm not sure i've totally understood the breakaway modification option. Is it something whereby an XLR-connected lavalier is modified to include a TA5 connector as well, thus making for two connectors attached to the same cable? Or do i have that wrong? Thanks again, everyone. Your insights are all much appreciated.
  7. Hi there, This is my first post so thanks in advance for being gracious with me. I'm beginning to build my audio kit and, because i'd like to buy a COS-11D lavalier mic, i reached out to Sanken with a question. But, after their reply, it seems clear to me it simply wasn't understood. Here's what i asked: And here was the response from Sanken: Am i missing something obvious? Was this their way of saying, "No, what you want to do is simply not possible." Or were they instead just saying, "We'd really prefer you buy two microphones. That always works out better for us." Any advice and nudges in the right direction would be deeply appreciated. Many thanks.
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