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    Not making a fool of myself....like thats not going to happen.
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    Was a sound mixer, now I mostly produce.
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  1. Thank you all for your inputs, there is a lot to learn even still. I don't expect to stop anytime soon, so thank you for your time! -Phil
  2. Hey Guys, I want to throw my balls on the court, have not worked with TC extensively. About 5 months ago I started jamming and it has been only with the Alexa's 5pin lemo. I get back to the norm, and I get set for a Red Epic W shoot and I soldered a new 4pin LEMO for the shoot, and come to find out he had a 5pin (like the Arri) and a BNC. Unfortunately I did not have my 5pin with me, I know the older Reds had 5pin LEMO. Than I found out that they have other boosters that have a BNC solo TC in? I was wondering what tips you all may have that could steer me from stumbling like I did today? P.S. In any of this correct me if I am wrong, but why is this not streamlined to one input type? Thank you for your Valued Time, -Phil
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