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  1. Thanks Rick, much appreciated.
  2. @ Levente Udud & Jim Feeley, THANK you for the only constructive comments in this thread. I'm a bit surprised that people would enter a thread that has the word "beginner" in the title, (then even after I mention that I apparently know nothing about pro audio equipment, and refer to myself as a newbie... I get slammed for being a newbie... wow. feels a bit like this forum is populated with either high school bullies or old curmudgeons. Maybe high school bullies from the 50's who are now old and bitter? Anyway, thanks again Levente and Jim... you showed what you are made of which is just the opposite of what the others showed they are made of.
  3. Ok then... "read the manual" and "search Google"? Hmmm.... I read the manual and searched google, no answer in the manual and the fruitless marathon Google search eventually led me to this site where I FINALLY decided to ask the question (assuming it is an easy answer for those with experience) rather than keep searching. JonG, right you are that a car manual doesn't include instructions on how to drive because those instructions are built-in to many other areas of life (school, driving school, DMV, parents, etc). In the photography world, even my professional DSLR manuals include basic instructions for using features for taking better pictures and they include a lot of "Why's" for the various settings. Anyway... was simply hoping (as I detailed in my post) that this newbie question would be an easy answer for someone willing to help... which is one of the purposes/benefits of forums in the first place... Matt
  4. Hi all, I just graduated from the Zoom H4 and H6. I've been in video production for a long time, I am a tech head, was a software engineer at Apple for several years, and learn quickly. I've used a bunch of prosumer audio equipment over the years (I hire audio guys for the higher-end projects) and actually fooled myself into thinking that I was pretty good with audio technologies... ha! Not quite. I realize that the F8 is on the line of pro and consumer, but it has officially kicked my butt. I apparently know nothing about pro audio :-( I have searched far and wide for some information about how to actually use the technologies in the F8 (the instruction manual pretty much assumes you understand the technologies so it just tells you which buttons to push or knobs to turn, but doesn't teach the "Why". So, if any of you can point me toward video or written word that will help to learn the basics, I'd sure appreciate it. If you are interested in just answering some (admittedly embarrassingly newbie) questions... Here is a starting point for me... The questions below all relate to the workflow for setting levels. 1) PFL Button... the manual doesn't say if this is PreFaderLevel or PostFaderLevel. But the truth is, I don't know why I need either of these to begin with. (Help?) How do I think about PreFader and PostFader in a recorder? (I understand these a bit in Logic Pro for effects sends, but I can't wrap my brain around it in the F8). 2) Setting levels (re: Trim vs Fader vs Post Fader vs Pre Fader & PFL button, etc).... I want to record to the F8 as well as send the mains out to my camera. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to set the levels. I'm sure it is frustratingly simple (and related to #1 above), but without direction, I am totally lost. In thinking about further questions that I want to ask, I realize that much of my confusion will probably be answered once I understand the workflow for setting levels, (including the difference between the trim and the fader, and the PreFader vs PostFader.) Thanks for reading this far, and I appreciate any help you can provide. Matt
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