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  1. sorry for the late answer. thanks for all your help! i really apreciate it due to the lack of money in this student film. they deceided to buy some evolutions. and with your help and the scan protocols i found some good freq. bands. thanks alot
  2. the lavs are not the problem... i take some VT506 from our studio with me. those are great mics. i don't worry about the handling, but i'm worried about RF problems in asia with the cheap wireless system. don't get me wrong. even if the ew100 is cheap, you can get good results.. but i don't know asia. maybe there is for example a tv channel somewhere which kills an entire RF band.
  3. Hi! Does anyone have experience with radio frequencies in the region of vietnam, hong kong, laos, myanmar and/or burma? I’m going to film with some film students for an independent documentary movie in this region. The problem is, that their budget is really limited. They can’t afford to rent a good wireless system for those circumstances and want to buy two sets of EW 100 for the shoot. Surely this is going to be a bad idea, but there is no other chance. Can someone maybe recommend a suitable UHF Band or frequency region for Asia? Best greetings Andy
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