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    IFB on the cheap.

    done this once during a production sound in china...where you have money and wont be able to find equipment immediately...terrible
  2. cox2046

    IFB on the cheap.

    done this before. but it go strange when someone plugin a sony headphone, all signal suddenly drop for like 6db.
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    Wireless Mic and Recorder

    Hello all, My first time post here. Love this site as it is so informative! I work in post-production as sound design and re-recording mixer for a long time but now and then start doing location sound recording once a year for feature film. For the past few location project i rent all equipment and the service is great. But now im considering to equiped some equipment. i get used to use Lectronsonic wireless. But when considering to own it, i have a question. My last year experience is location sound in Cheungdu China, Using 411A Block 21/ 22/ 23/ 24 / 25...one Block for one mic. i know there are a wide range of frequency for select and it depends on the location i work. What people normally select? Using 1-2 Block for all mic? or 1 Block for each wireless mic? I use sound cart but mostly put everything inside a bag in case need to run. read a lot of discussion here about SR series, with multi channel receiver. if one of them gone mal function then all 4 mic gone. are they as stable as 411A? Zaxcom is a brand i never use. But seems have a very nice feature that transmitter can recording when signal no longer detect. transmitter is easy to hide inside clothing, compare to Lectro SMV? For recorder, here most people are using SD, i find one using Zaxcom, none Aaton and Sanosax. Kind of knowing why no one use Aaton on local market. is there anyone can have some insight? since everything go record digitally, one cant expect it sounds like analogue sound, right?. I really would like to know these harddisk recorder in terms of sound quality and do they have its own coloration? Would like to know if anyone can give me some insight. Thankyou
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    Wireless Mic and Recorder

    thanks. i do read lots of post about Zaxcom, Aaton and Sonosax recorder here, all of them give me lots of insight. but most is discuss about technical operation, hardware, i cant find any in terms of sonic character. sadly yes. production cost for sound is low and im not aimed for local market. even the highest paid production sound guy here not using it. Local dealer cant even find a demo unit for sound test. the full set is HKD200,000!!