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  1. BlueMonkeySound

    From Post to Field recording

    Hey People ! sorry I took a while to react but I have been busy, I wanted to take the time to thank everybody for sharing your feedback, I now see where I'm heading and it's going to help for sure. I will try to find my way through the post production challenges and I have already two gigs booked so it is rather exciting ! cheers and thank you Xavier
  2. BlueMonkeySound

    From Post to Field recording

    thanks a lot for your answers ! and thanks to IronFilm with such detailed answers ! I really appreciate all the help ! it makes more sense to me for the whole thing and will help me been guided towards the right decisions. thanks Constantin for your feedback as well ! it's not easy for me to pick a side but I now know what would be to consider. Yes renting seems to be a very good option but maybe not for everything ? I can probably start with buying a bag an an F4 and an entry level boom setup and probably 1 or 2 wireless LAV systems ? If there is additional needs to the project I will use the rent option I like the fact of having a decent amount of gear so I can take on some low budget projects and also practice on my own, I guess that makes it less of a waste so I'm with IronFilm on this one but I'd rather spend a little more than 400$ so I can have something decent. On a side note I wanted to know if the only problem with the rodelinks was because they where bulky ? other than that what's your take on this system, seen a lot of people having one or two sets in their bag. Thanks again for all your help !
  3. BlueMonkeySound

    From Post to Field recording

    Hello, I am mainly a Post-production sound guy, but I want to make the transition to Field recording in order to be bit more attractive on the market, being able to do both production and post-production. I have done a lot of researches and have found a lot of information on the internet, but I need to have the eyes of experts and clarifications so I am posting here to find some answers and advice. My budget is tight yes, I will say it's around 4 to 5k (canadian dollars), I would rather buy used gear but it's not always possible. My goal will be to be able to record sound for small projects with 3 lavs and a boom for documentaries, interviews, commercials, and the occasional independent movies. Also to mention that as it will be my secondary field of option I'm not aiming to have the best and latest gear, but I need to meet certain quality standards. so far here is what I found would be a good starting gear setup : Boom kit : Sennheiser MKE600 Mic W/ Rode Blimp & K-Tek KE110CC Cabled Alum. Boompole Bundle https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Sennheiser-MKE600-Mic-W-Rode-Blimp-K-Tek-KE110CC-Cabled-Alum-Boompole-Bundle/111230647285?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I found this to be a possible good start because it's bundled but again ... don't know if it is worth it, a lot of reviews point to some other shotgun mics like the MKH 416 or possibly the Rode NTG2 I also think that I would need an indoor mic, I though that an audio technica at4053b should be good or an oktava mk012 or a Rode NT5 Recorder : Sound Devices Mixpre 6 this seem to be the best choice for my needs, I would tend to think that the Sound Device 633 would be a little too overkill and a zoom F4 or F8 would be probably too risky even know I've read and saw some good reviews but i'm open to some feedback. what I like about the Mixpre 6 will be the analog limiters and the reputation of quality of Sound devices gear. LAV mics + Wireless : this is maybe the biggest question, I'm not too sure where to go with those as there is many different options out there and I'm not quite sure if all of what I've found works ok for nowadays workflow. I don't know if the Rodelink System is a good option, or should I go for a g2 or g3 system, or maybe some used lectrosonics system (UCR200D - UCR201 - UCR190) could do the trick ? It seems also blurry to find a define chart of frequency blocks that are still legal to use in canada so I'm not sure where to go if it doesn't come with the wireless system I would eventually think about LAVs like the Sanken cos11d or the countryman B6 or the Lectrosonics m152 Batteries : I'm a bit less worried with this part of the gear, I've seen some options with the NP1 batteries or the sony batteries, I guess a AudioRoot battery system looks really cool but it's probably too much for a starting gear. Sound Bag : I've been looking a lot and even know a Porta Brace ATV for mixpre6 looks really cool, I guess I will be better off finding a used orca Or30 and a harness with it. I guess there is more room for improvement ? the stingray bags looks good as well but I like the orcas better. That being said I know nothing about them so you can correct me. Timecode / hop : Looks like the tentacle sync could be a good choice but seems a bit expensive. my main question will be "is it really necessary" don't get me wrong, being a post guy I know that sync options are crucial but what's the most common in a real shooting situation ? is a wireless hop to the camera more common that a tentacle sync ? is there a better option ? IFBs and returns : I've seen various things on this question, Comteks, lectrosonics IFB, but all those are really expensive products and I am really wondering if those are this much crucial. Again I know the benefits of having one of those systems but I am trying to find the best option for my budget, thus trying to see if it is really necessary to have one. Thanks for letting me know what you think and if you can clarify some of these question that will be perfect. I may be completely off track but I would be glad to hear it from the experts. Cheers