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  1. So like everybody I have a boatload of UCR 411a’s that I use as my primary receivers in either a rack mount on my cart or my bag, but since I recently acquired another Smv in Block 19 and I don’t have 2 411s in 19 I dug out my old 401 to have another channel when bag mixing. And damn- The difference in reception is crazy. I never realized how much worse the 401 was!! Can anyone else confirm this observation? These readings were taken on the same block in the same bag at the same time in a single location.
  2. I’ve noticed that over the past few years of general abuse my HM butt plug unit has gotten “loose”- it rotates a bit after being plugged into a boom or mic, and with certain booms I get a bad connection sound when its rotated or not quite positioned correctly. Is there a way to tighten it? Can’t see any obvious way to disassemble the xlr connector portion of the unit. I’d love to try and tackle the issue without having to send it back to the mothership- anyone done this on their own before?
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