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  1. I just ordered a Neumann 105 with our upgraded budget as the third microphone... out of curiosity, what is the biggest reason for your suggestion for the 105 over the 103? I may trade my 103s in... thank you in advanced!
  2. Thanks so much for the input Doug- having used the mixer as a rental I totally agree with you about it's ease of use. While I'm super tempted to get a "higher" end mixer to future proof, I think the F8N encompasses my current needs and will take care of my needs for the foreseeable future - thank you for the tips on live mixing and interface mode (two things I have not yet discovered)
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I am in the market for the following: -Neumann shotgun microphones -A Zoom F8N or comparable mixers -Transportation equipment (hardshell pelicans/porta-braces/etc) -Post-sound monitors and other basic equipment I am on a rather tight budget since this is my first venture solo and not working for a company. Please send me what you have for sale and a price! Thanks so much. Andrew
  4. Thank you so much everyone for your input- this is really helpful for me to make the best decisions for my show possible. I recorded last night and realized with the H6 I don't have abilities to easily EQ voices or change aspects of the voice into the recorder. I fear it might be the same situation with the F8N and looking into the F-Control, it doesn't look like the traditional mixer with all sorts of tools. Perhaps this is all best to be done in Reaper. I will try to get the F8N to record separate channels so I may EQ voices easily in post. Thank you so much for your help again!
  5. I am starting my own podcast interviewing Los Angelenos about their passions as well as doing some on-location sound (mainly small indie films). I'd like your input on my equipment list. Please be critical. I aim to hone my craft as a radio journalist and do want honest feedback. Thank you in advanced! My main concern and something I'm debating between is potentially recording straight into my laptop with an Apollo Twin Mark ii instead of the zoom recorders for podcasts. I am also wondering if I should opt for the "f-control"? Recorder: Zoom F8N Back-up recorder plugged in: Zoom H6 Microphones for sit-down interviews: Nuemann 103 (x2) Shotgun for on-camera work: Neumann 82i XLR cables: Mogami gold studio xlr Headphones: Sony MDR 7506 for field work, Neumann NDH-20 for studio interview Post production editing: MacBook Pro with Logic Pro X (right now I do post-editing with headphones...but one day hope to invest in monitors when if I get to work on post sound for the indie films)
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