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    Sound artist who often explores DIY field recording techniques like contact mics, hydrophones, EMF probes etc.
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  1. Hi folks. I'm a relative noob to the world of timecode, but have a lot of experience with field recording. I just got my hands on a MixPre-6 II and I have a question: My Panasonic GH5 (not GH5s) has an internal TC generator and it can output HDMI TC. So I was hoping I could connect the two via HDMI, jam-sync the MixPre to the GH5, disconnect, and keep them in sync at least for awhile. But LTC is the only jam-sync source in the MixPre UI. I'm curious if anybody with more experience could help me understand why? (In my case it would save me a tentacle sync box and some more post work if I c
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