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  1. I brought it to Kortwich on friday. The good deal with them is, if they can't repair it they will not charge anything and send it to Audio Ltd in GB themselves. If they can do it, I'll have it back next week.
  2. Hey Guys, thanks for all the input. I really am glad that this didn't happen during the shoot. I will be sending it in. Maybe I'll have Kortwich - I'm in Berlin - take a look first. If they can repair it, it would be less than half the price and way faster. Sound Devices had a store in Berlin, they closed it in the last months or so, so I would need to send it to UK. UK sends it to US - at least for the next two weeks -, they repair, send it back and I guess about a month later I'll have it back. I'll report back, it might take a while...
  3. Hey BAB, thanks for your reply. Sure I tried to just pull the switch over from left to right. It was as if I'd switch to the middle e. g. off position. I tried with and without internal batteries, everything else is unplugged. And regarding any faulty battery/cup/distro: When powered on I can see that there is voltage available on the external input - when using the power supply it's 12V, when using my charged NP1 it's 15V. So the problem appears to be somewhere inside the recorder. Unfortunately so.
  4. Hi fellow listeners, yesterday, I worked with my Sound Devices 664 without any problems. In the evening, the unit wouldn’t power up from an external power source. Interestingly enough, it does power up from the internal power source. Toggling the menu, I can even see the voltage coming in from the external power supply. Just as if the power switch decided to die on the right side. So, here comes my questions for you guys: - has anyone seen this behaviour before and if so, what was done to fix it? - can someone help me out with a service or repair manual tha
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