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  1. So... I finished 24 days of shooting with two Red Komodos and I have to say, this camera is not loud at all. Sometimes, when we were shooting inside and the camera was really close to the actors, I could hear its fan one the boom and on the lavs, but it was silent enough to be acceptabel even for my psm ears. So, yeah, the people at RED finally figured it out... it took some years and many complaints... --- This 9-pin Lemo thing is weird, but the friendly people at Ambient explained to me: you can send TC-Sync and Gen-Lock info simultaneously through that 9-pin (if you have the right Lockit and cable). So, that could be helpful, if needed. The Komodos we worked with both had a "Modern Film Tools Horseshoe" plate connected to it https://www.modernfilmtools.com/shop/mft-horseshoe-top-plate-for-red-komodo This break out box has a 5-pin Lemo similar to the Arri Alexa, and it worked fine with my NanoLockit.
  2. Has anyone worked with the RED KOMODO and can live to tell if it also is a brick-with-a-fan?
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