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  1. Hi, I’d had a 4061 repaired by somebody a few years ago as it had been damaged at the capsule end. The repair held up for a little bit but eventually died again. at that point I gave it a go myself and have done a pretty solid repair of the mic now. the only thing is that the guy who did the original repair had removed the material(looks almost like wax) that DPA pot the capsule in. I’m looking to use the repaired mic as a “beater” mic for salt water shoots(I’ve got to mic up a jetski in a few weeks’ time), but I worry that my exposed solder joints won’t take too kindly to the prolonged exposure to salt water, no matter how carefully I rinse it out in the evenings.. so I’m wondering if anybody knows what the compound is that DPA use to pot the capsule, as I’d love to do it myself thanks, Bob
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