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    Jack of all trades... Former feature focus puller, current grip/gaffer, and now also location sound for small projects. 15 years as recording engineer in small music recording studio.
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  1. For anyone interested in this, I found this illuminating website dB conversion tool. It confirms Patrick Farrell's answer. Thanks again! http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-db-volt.htm
  2. I think a big part of the problem is that, of all the departments, ADs and producers understand sound the least. They think it's "clip a mic on them and let's go!". The ADs hound every department to work faster. That's their job. One has to approach these demands with confident professionalism (whether you're feeling it or not), or they will eat you for breakfast.
  3. Would you mind explaining your reason for that recommendation? I guess what I am still wondering is, is "Input reference level" in the camera audio menu actually referring to a gain setting? Or is a reference level setting... which seems to me different from a line level setting. On the occasion that I mentioned originally, I did increase the output level from my mixer to +8dB so I could set the faders on the camera to bring the VUs up to -20dB to match the incoming tone... but is there a downside to outputting a signal from the mixer that is higher than professional line level? Well I am glad to hear I am not the only one experiencing this. Regarding your F55 experience... do you mean that you had to set the output level from your mixer to +17dB? My experience with C300, with my mixer output set to +4dB, is the camera faders are at about 7 to match tone to -20dB. But the C300 doesn't seem to have the same "Input reference level" setting as the Sony. Interestingly, when using my 302 with the Sony FX9 I don't have this problem, and the faders on the camera are set to about 7 to match tone. But it seems like only the Amazing Kreskin could figure out what signal strength the 302 is outputting... the manual is bewildering to me.
  4. On the mixpre series, the output is user definable in dB, rather than a mic or line preset... so I set it to +4dB
  5. I'm pretty new to location sound, and hoping someone can help me with some fairly fundamental set up questions... I am using a Sound Devices mixpre 10 with a Sony FX9. I am sending line level out of my mixer to the camera at +4dB. When I send -20dB tone to the camera, I am finding that I have to turn the faders on the camera to maximum just to set the tone on the camera to -20dB on the camera's VU meters, and not quite able to get there. In the audio set up menu on the camera, each channel has a user definable setting for "Input reference level". Previous sound men have set this variable to +4dB. In my research I have found information that seems to say that while professional line level is +4dB, professional reference level is 0dB. Could this be my problem? Should this setting on the camera be set to 0dB, and would that give me more headroom on the camera's faders? Or am I missing some other basic set-up information? Any help would be appreciated.
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