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  1. Recently purchased a Schoeps CMC141 and Rycote Nano Shield AA and I’ve noticed that when I put the windshield on (sock only, no windjammer) it picks up a lot of boom pole handling noise. Buts, as soon as I take the windshield off, the noise is gone. It sounds like the windshield creates a low mid resonance that pulls up the resonance traveling through the PSC boom pole. I love the mount, it’s amazingly engineered, but this resonance thing has me stumped. Is this normal for small zeppelins to exhibit a resonance? Any tips to minimize / eliminate? I have noticed that the further back I put the mic in the basket, the less prominent the effect, but it’s still pretty noticeable. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. I am looking to buy a mic for primarily interior location work. The location is a 150 year old farm house / inn in the country in Ohio. We are filming in October for 6 weeks. 90% of the scenes are one to two people (mostly one). Most of the characters move at a walking pace or stand / sit. The location has large rooms with high ceilings and large doors, but the rooms are untreated with wood flooring, throughout. There is quite a bit of dialogue. Given all of this I was leaning towards one of two mics. The Schoeps cmc141 and the DPA 4018c. I’ve listened to many samples online and read tons of stuff online about them. But I’m kind of looking to be put over the edge about one over the other. They both sound good, but the 141 might have an edge to me, a little more clarity in the upper mids. Also, what is the best affordable indoor shockmount setup? The Rycote invision has a good price point. Is that any good? I will be recording with an SD 633 and I have DPA 4060s (no wireless though) and a sennheiser 416 with full Rycote windshield and furry cover. What a wonderful forum. I’ve been reading many of the threads and have learned a lot about sound. Thank you for any and all suggestions.
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