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  1. Ok, thanks! That’s very interesting! You also mentioned the Sony UWP-D system, which I also looked into. Would you say they are a viable alternative to the MPR52 if I actually just need something more stable and less prone to RF hits than the Sennheiser G3/G4 and not all of the hi end features of the Wisycoms?
  2. Thx a lot! Your first hand account is exactly the kind of feedback that I was hoping for!
  3. Hello everyone! I hope I'm not starting a redundant thread here, but I haven't found one on this specific question yet: Do any of you have first hand experience with comparing the two different diversity systems directly? I know how their respective principals work but I'm still not sure if antenna diversity is "good enough" for my intended use in a production sound bag, or if I should make true diversity a priority for wireless mics on talent. Just to be specific: I'm trying to decide if I should get a Wisycom MPR 52 Bundle or the MCR 42. Thx! Philip
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