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  1. Hey guys. I'm sorry if this is a really basic question. I currently own a SD552 Mixer and I'm looking to purchase a 744t to expand my track count. I know there is the 788t and that is a great piece of kit. However my reasoning behind the 552/744t combination is for the ability to quickly separate my recording kit into 2 recorders. I'm only recording FX/atmospheres these days so i need to be able to, for example; continue using the 552 'off the shoulder' and placing the 744t inside say a car with another person operating it. My question is if both the 552 and 744t are in my bag together, is it as simple as having the correct cable to feed timecode from the 744t to the 552 for the timestamping/code information etc? or do i need a separate TC generator (or Gadget) to have both these units 'synchronising' together (like one of the ambient TC products) as a side note - i don't care so much about maintaining TC sync between machines while one is in a car and the other is on me for example. I've had suggested to me to use an Ambient timecode Transceiver kit TC-TRX/B My understanding of these would be for maintaining TC Wirelessly between the 552 and 744t (when they've been separated - in and out of a car) but like i said.. once i'm in that situation i would be treating the event as 2 separate recordings (for Post production sound purposes) and i don't want to have to fork out that kind of money if a simple cable between the 2 units when they're in my bag would do the job. I really appreciate any help towards clarifying this up for me! And i'm happy to supply more information if needed! Thanks Miller
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