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  1. Any advice on recording in a moving car, or possibly van (mics, setup, etc)? It will be an improvised conversation between the front seat passengers. Part of it may take place on a gravel road. Hoping to avoid the need for any ADR. Thanks, Adam
  2. Has anyone tried throwing a little fur ball like the bbg windjammer over a foam ball like the w5d? I don't have the bbg windjammer so not sure about the fit, but if the concept is okay then I could make a homemade one. Any reasons this wouldn't be satisfactory for situations where a full size zepp is too much?
  3. There's some pics of the bbg here: http://www.rycote.com/imagestore/Windshield%20System/Baby%20Ballgag/ Jeff, any chance you could post pics of the double foam homemade windscreen? I have a friend who got a windpac for use with a Sennheiser 416. He said it works great and is very transparent up to 20mph winds, but isn't effective above that, at least with the 416.
  4. I have a cmc5/mk41 which I'm using for various documentary work, from sit-down interviews to following the subject around outside. I'm about to get a Rycore Baby Ball Gag and windjammer, but thought I'd post first to see if you have any other suggestions.
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