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  1. Got it! Thanks all! One of those features I never used and actually didn't realize existed! Cheers for getting and answer within a short period of time using an iPhone and a knowledge collective!!
  2. Peter - Tx booting up as IFB - can you instruct on how to change to 400 mode?
  3. Not in RF mute - getting full RF... Tx is the problem, but can't figure out what it could be. Tx audio levels are reading fine, just not getting out. Was working fine 30 minutes previous - stopped while on break. Possibly internal malfunction?
  4. Hey all, I've got an SMa on set here - connecting to UCR-411a. I'm getting levels on the transmitter (so the lav is fine) as well as full RF on the receiver, but no audio on receiver. I've checked all the settings on the receiver and can't find anything wrong. Also sent to a different receiver and had the same problem. Different freq, no change... Any thoughts?
  5. We shot on the Alexa and the FS100 - this was the best performance and happened to be on the FS100. And yes, hoping to make it into a series!
  6. Here's the article that goes along with it: http://hartcol.in/LC44OV
  7. Yeah, our Cedar unit can take it right out - left it in to show the actual untouched audio :-) Thanks for the compliment!
  8. i wrote this for for a class that I teach. The mic was a Sanken CS-3e. One of my favorites! Thanks. Unfortunately it was one of those buildings with the remotely computer controlled systems that takes 5 phone calls for authorization and trying to find someone who can actually turn it off, plus it turns the AC off in a large portion of the building, so they told us we had to deal with it. Kind of sucks for a video about sound, but you play the hand your dealt, I guess...
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