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  1. This week I made a post on StaffMeUp to hire a crew member for a low budget website video. The job paid $250/day for three days and so the crew member would have made $750 total. StaffMeUp said the pay wasn't high enough and so they wouldn't post it. I understand that some won't work for $250 a day and that's fine if they don't want to, but there are others that will. And if the pay is too low for someone, then they have the option to apply and say that they can't do it for $250/day but that they would do it for $??? a day. Then production can figure out if they can pay the higher rate or not. With StaffMeUp denying a job posting that IS paying the crew member, it's a disservice to the crew members that are paying a fee to be on the StaffMeUp website because StaffMeUp is denying crew members the opportunity to get work. It's up to each crew person to decide if they are willing to take a job or not at the pay listed and even if they don't want the job with the pay listed then they should be given the opportunity to counter with the amount of pay they are willing to work for; StaffMeUp should not be making the decision for them. I have plenty of places where I can find crew. My main issue is how unfair StaffMeUp is to the crew members that pay for their service. StaffMeUp will take their money, but at the same time they're also denying jobs that could have been listed.
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