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    Audio Raiders was founded by Kevin Bazell, a DJ, producer and sound designer who’s released music on important labels like Alternative Route, Audio Therapy, Bedrock, Perfecto and Lost Language. His productions are also featured on compilations by renowned DJs like Sander Kleinenberg and Nick Warren. Working alongside the legendary composer Harry Gregson Williams, Kevin recently added his sound to Disney’s “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.”
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  1. Thanks for the replies guys - ill be checking out the mkh50 and schoeps this week.
  2. Hi guys . So it Looks like my plan of flying under the radar for a bit isn't going to cut it here. My name is Kevin Bazell, based in LA and have been working in music, software , sound design for many years in the electronic music world. I do quite a wide variety of work ,including DJing and running a software company, AudioRaiders which makes plugins for music producers. I never had the opportunity to go to school for anything I learned , just like to dive in , ask questions and hopefully have something useful to contribute at the end of the day. The majority of my music is synth based and instrumental stuff so have not had much experience with recording. I decided I wanted to fix that and as I've always had a passion for film -here I am getting into location sound. For the record , I came here asking questions about things I dont know but would like to learn - I'm not trying to pretend to be anything I'm not ,I greatly appreciate all the help and advice I got from some. To the people who seemed annoyed but gave the reasons,fair enough I've taken that on board too. Hopefully that straightens things out going forward.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the replies and advice !
  4. Hi Robert. It would be a low budget web feature. have lots of experience in audio work but little in location sound which I was I was asking in the first place ! Theres definitely no budget for Boom op unfortunately. Its my understanding they would have a 1st Ac , am curious why you asked that. Looking to learn and make friends here, as stated in my other reply Influx is what i go by. Thanks for your time !
  5. Hi Robert, People generally know me know by Influx, Appreciate the advice - I will do more searching and less posting from now on - just figured it would be a good way to get to know everybody.
  6. I think I have an idea Olle and it usually starts with "It depends"
  7. Hi Vasileios I think I know what you mean but would you care to elaborate on that please ? Influx
  8. Thanks very much guys , I will definitely try all of them and see what I like the best !
  9. Hi guys I have a job coming up where there isn't a budget for a boom operator , recording 2 actors sitting relatively close together. I'm thinking about using two Mkh416 on C Stands directed at each actor - Are there any issues that I should be aware of , such as phase for this kind of operation. Thanks Influx
  10. Thanks Old School I've heard great things about both mics, I'm curious to hear how different they are to the Mkh416 as the specs say that all 3 are considered super cardioid ? Why would you choose one over the other ? thanks Influx
  11. Hi Guys Up and coming location sound guy here ! I'm doing a variety of work such as interviews, commercials, online content and hopefully film sooner or later. I currently own a Sennheisser mkh416 which I've been using for both indoor and outdoor shoots. I know I'll want to add a couple more mics at some point so I have a wide range of options I was wondering if anyone cared to share the mics you find indispensable in your arsenal and for what reasons ? Thanks ! Influx
  12. @ Cryll - Glad to know someone else has the same gear ! Those settings seemed to be the magic combination - Many Thanks
  13. @senator I bought Jay's book Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the replies and great advice guys. @ Senator Its exactly gain staging that I'm concerned about - I would have thought af out at 0 was unity on the receiver and if I needed to boost the signal (I don't need to that much at these settings) l I could do that with my mixers high quality pre's. @Vm Its hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is, its not distorting or anything - maybe its just I don't like the sound of LAV's that much. @Nick you saying +0 - +6 on the receiver I'm guessing ?
  15. Hi Eric Thanks for your reply . Could I ask why you attenuate both Rx and Tx instead of one or the other. Thanks influx
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