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  1. If you work with a bag kit then remember to keep the transmitter as far away from the mic receivers as possible in order to avoid dropouts.
  2. I use the Sennheiser EW 300 system with an IEM receiver and HD-25 headset. It works great for EFP, and the housing is strong so it can be dropped to the concrete floor without breaking. Not everyone cares about the equipment as the owner does...
  3. Hi I've been researching quiet a lot on wireless video solutions and found out that the Teradek Cube 155 might be the best solution there is at the moment for boom op. reality, documentary ect. It seems that the latency that there is, happens in the receiver (the iOS device). My question is: with the so much faster processors and wi-fi parts in the latest models, compared to the earlier, iPhone 4, iPad1 ect, Does anybody know the latency when the Cube is used as a stand alone device with a direct connection to the latest i-devices? And is it possible to use it with audio, as IFB? or are there still a lot more latency when sound is being embedded to the wi-fi signal? Will the use of more than one iOS device on the same Cube 155 signal increase the latency? I hope that there is some users out there that knows about this. Thank you very much
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