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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guy's, I'm wondering what your experience is with the Schoeps Super CMIT in daily use, and what the feedback is from post production, or if you work in post.... your own opinion. What I experience is that the DSP sometimes is audible, of course even more in the tightest setting. It almost sounds like a gate when fast loud noises are present, for example next to a highway. Also I got some feedback from post that this (gating) DSP, which most times I can't hear on set for it's subtlety, is audible for them. Because they also use these techniques in post... it's one effect on the other, something they don't like. A couple of projects back I recorded in a rural environment with a highway 'hum' in the background. This was the only time I truly was satisfied with the mic. I use the mic with my SD 788T, but because the sub-d connector on the bottom of the recorder, where the AES42 input is situated, isn't shielded I get allot of RF spray. So I use the mini DA42 pre-amp from Schoeps to do the DA conversion for me. There are a couple of topic's about this mic, but none with this question as far as I could see. Let me know what your opinion is or if you have some tip's 'n trick's. cheers, Reinout.
  2. I've asked this question elsewhere, including (hat) to Sound Devices, both via email and in a short, but confusing phone conversation, so I'm posting here to see if anyone has real world experience, and if so, how they achieved what they achieved. (I'm also waiting on a call from someone in the UK who also might be able to help, so this may be moot, but I'll ask anyway.) I managed to score a set of Neumann KM184D microphones on Ebay for a very small amount of money: I know they work, because Simon Bishop very kindly tested them for me on his rig (did you buy a set yourself, Simon?) and I know that for full use, I need to buy the Neumann DRM-2p interface, but I want to know if I can connect them directly to the SD788T via the 15 pin D-Sub, using the XL-88 loom, or if I have to have something made up specially, or if it's just not possible and I should give up. The Neumann Digital mics are AES42 Mode 2 and the published info from Sound Devices says "Mode 2 microphones will automatically operate in Mode 1 when connected to the 788T" The SD tech I spoke to stated simply "if it's Mode 2, it's never going to work" leaving me rather in the dark. My question is very simple: has anyone successfully connected a Neumann Solution D microphone (or any other AES42 Mode 2 digital mic) to a Sound Devices 788T (and yes, I have turned AES 42 powering on in the menu) and if so, can you detail the precise method by which you achieved success? Thanks, John
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